Electrical installation services

ETS PREGL d.o.o. offers different types of electrical installation services. We are contracted by large undertakings to carry out installation work on industrial buildings, as well as independent clients to work on individual projects; whereby both have the benefit of working with our professional and qualified personnel that complies with the client’s wishes and demands  in accordance with respective standards and regulations. Our company also carries out all the necessary measurements, inspections and any repairs.

In addition to the electrical installation services, our company also acts as a supplier of all the necessary material and accessories.


  • Over 20 years of experience in providing all types of electrical installation                   services;
  • A large number of qualified employees from the field of electrical engineering;
  • Comprehensive and economical solutions for electrical installations;
  • Professional and high-quality work;
  • Ability to carry out large industrial installations, as well take on individual projects;
  • Offering urgent repairs, maintenance and consultancy services;
  • Upholding professional relationship with our investors.

We offer You performance and maintenance in the following fields:

Heavy current installations

  • Performing electrical installation work at newly constructed and existing buildings;
  • Performing lighting installation work for residential, business and industrial buildings;
  • Performing emergency lighting installation work;
  • Lightning conductor installations, potential equalisation and grounding work;
  • Switchgear installation;
  • Electrical substations;
  • Installing power lines for heating and cooling system.

Weak current installations

  • Telephone and communication line installation for telephone and internet networks;
  • Telecommunication cabinets and nodes;
  • Installation of video control systems, door phone and video door phone systems;
  • Installation of sound reinforcement system and public address systems;
  • Installation of antenna systems;
  • Installation of fire alarm system and anti-theft systems.

Smart installations

  • Smart installation systems of various brands for residential or industrial use;
  • Microprocessor controllers and steering systems for machinery;
  • Lighting control systems.


Measurements are used to verify safety, reliability and quality of electrical installations. At ETS Pregl, d.o.o., qualified professionals carry out measurements on a regular basis. Upon you request, our qualified professionals carry out professional inspection services, test your protection devices and perform electrical installation measurements. 


  • Removing and installing new electrical installations;
  • Removing and installing new lighting systems;
  • Maintaining household and industrial installations;
  • Refurbishing distribution cabinets.

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